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Discontinuation and Transfer of

Animal Control Services

The Troy City Council Approved the transfer of the Troy Police Department “Animal Control Service” to the Oakland County Animal Control Services at the City Council meeting on Monday March 28, 2011.

City of Troy Residents will need to call Oakland County Animal Control for all of their animal control needs @ 248.391.4102.

Their web site:

Oakland County Animal Control Services will responsible for the following:

 Respond to and investigate animal bites on any animal that may carry rabies.

 Respond 24/7 to calls involving animals that put the public at risk.

 Sell, process, and record the licensing of dogs.

 Impoundment, care for, and attempt to reunite stray dogs.

 Annual dog census.

 Investigations of reported animal cruelty.

 Support and administration for shelter operations and enforcement.

 Enforce the Dangerous Dog Act, including any vicious animals.

 Investigate and enforce multiple animal control law violations to include:

    wolf/dog breeding, ban on large carnivores, dog fighting, and suspected rabies cases.

 Sick and injured animals with the potential of rabies causing hazard to the public.

 Any wild animal in a residence living area, and a public hazard to the community.

 Animals running at large, other than cats.

 Found animals, other than cats which must be dropped off at the county facility.

 Welfare checks on animals left in vehicles. (Cruelty)

 Respond to assist police where animals are involved. (Arrests, drug raids, etc.)

 Investigate and prosecute Dog Fighting Charges.

 Investigate suspected rabies in domestic and wild animals.

 Inspection and issuance of licenses to Kennels within Oakland County.

Oakland County Animal Control Services will not respond to the following (and neither will the Troy Police Department):

 Pick up stray and or nuisance cats, provide cat impoundment, or return cats to owners.

 Noise/barking dog complaints.

 Number of dogs allowed in residence.

 Disturbance of birds and bird nest.

 Permits for domestic livestock or dangerous animals.

 Coyote complaints (DNR matter)

 Geese problems (DNR matter)

 Pick up injured wildlife and transport to wildlife or sanctuary.

 Annually inspect kennel facilities, unless claim of cruelty.

 Pet shop inspections, unless cruelty.

 Tethering, unless claim of cruelty.

 Feeding waterfowl.

 Hunting and trapping of animal violations, unless cruelty.

 Delivery of rabies specimens to Lansing for testing.

 Provide shelter quarantine of attack animals.

 Euthanasia of sick or ill-tempered animals for residents.

 All animal give-ups must be taken to the county facility. (costs incurred by resident)

 Picking up of dead animal carcasses on roadway. Troy DPW will pick up dead

    animals on the roadways. Dead animals on Private Property will be the private

    property owner’s responsibility. The Troy Police Department will respond to

    emergency calls concerning dangerous animals, such as a dog attacking a person.


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