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What is the CANH?


Background:  The Community Association of Northfield Hills, CANH, has been in existence since the homes and condominiums of Northfield Hills were built. The Park was mandated with the building permits issued by the City of Troy. 

The CANH has a fiduciary responsibility for the (Beechwood Lake) Park, located on the northeast corner of Long Lake and Coolidge including Beechwood Lake, the official headwaters for the Rouge River. The Park is approximately 73 acres including the lake. A stream, about two-thirds of a mile in length, runs across Square Lake out of Fire Fighters Park through the woods and joins the lake just below the Park bridge. The wooded area is primarily a floodplain. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) requires a permit to make changes to the Park land, stream and lake.

The lake and stream take in the water from the north from Fire Fighters, the I-75 expressway, and all of the storm drains from the NHHA, NHCA and Heatherwood (not part of the CANH). The lake is a 'retention' pond - one that funnels water downstream and not a 'detention' pond which holds water.

The CANH Board has 6 members, three appointed by the Northfield Hills Homeowners Association (NHHA), and three appointed by the Northfield Hills Condominium Association (NHCA). Officers are shared between the two association and the Chairperson's role is rotated each year between the NHHA and NHCA. 

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