2015 Fishing Tournament

The 2015 CANH Fishing Tournament was attended by 35 children and their adult escorts.  Lunch was served immediately afterward in the Condo Clubhouse. The pictures below have had their resolution reduced to be loaded to this website.  If you would like a copy of the full resolution picture, send a request with picture number to nhha2009@aol.com

1. The Ladies of CANH register participants for the fishing tournament

2. "I'll measure that fish!"

3. "Let's see - that's 5, ah centimeters, inches or feet"

4. Everyone came ready to fish!

5. Some kids came and fished with their moms.

6. Some kids fished with their dads

7. John and Ryan Groth came to fish!  Ryan left early and missed the presentation of prizes, but he won two prizes - most fish caught and he was in a five-way tie for third largest fish caught.

8. The Janke family relaxed and fished along the lake.

9. The Lee family enjoyed fishing

10. Whole families fished along the banks of the River Rouge

11.  Some families brought grandma with them

12. "Hey, I forgot my pole, can I still fish?"

13. A view of fisherpersons along the lovely banks of the River Rouge.

14. "Finally I caught a fish!"

15. Relaxing and fishing.  What could be better on a July morning?

16. These kids have cornered the market on cuteness!

17. "C'mon Dad!  Bait my hook already!"

18. "Daddy!  It hurts!"

19. Fish measuring continues.  There were four measuring stations around the lake.

20. "Hey look at my fish! It's gigantic!"

21. More measuring under watchful eyes.

22. "Where's the measuring lady?"

23. Got another fish to measure

24. Wow!  Look at the size of that fish!

25. "Let's measure it!"

26. "Wow!  That's a big fish!"

27. "Ha! My fish is bigger than your fish!

28. "I told him! He's cute - for a boy."

29. The Janke family calls it a contest.

30. The Markley boys

31. The crowd settles in, waiting for lunch.  The CANH served pizza, salad, soft drinks and an assortment of desserts to over 100 people.

32. Hungry participants

33. More hungry participants.

34.  Even more hungry participants

35. The Condo clubhouse served perfectly as our luncheon site.

36. "Hey look!  My toast has a horse on it!"

37. "Isn't this a great lunch?"  

38. Serenity at last

39. "I think that fish on the wall is looking at me."

40. "This pizza is great! We're lucky we live in Northfield Hills."

41. "If I win first place, I think I'll spend the money on a vacation."

42. "I think someone is looking for you." 

43. Bob Salloum, CANH Vice-President, gives out the prizes.  First place and $30 for the largest fish goes to         Ella Kerekes.

44. A 2-way tie for second place. Grandpa Chou collects the prize for his grandson.

45.Lucas Kolcz also collects a second place prize. 

46. Third place resulted in a five way tie. Conor Liu gets his $10 prize and a certificate

47.  Jackson Krieger also gets a third place prize.

48. Gabe Krajewski also shares 3rd place prize.

49.  Not to be overshadowed by the boys, Ella Kerekes also shared in the 3rd place prize pool.  Ryan Groth, pictured earlier, was the fifth third place winner.

50. CANH and NHCA property manager, Joe McKay, prints out the certificates for prize winners and for all participants.  Thanks, Joe!

Many thanks to Judy Kosar for the photographic work.

See you next Year at the 2016 CANH Tournament!!