2018 Easter Egg Hunt

About 35 of the 50 children who signed up for this event braved the chilly temperatures and came to meet the Easter Bunny and hunt for plastic eggs.

The check-in Table is manned by the Janke family

Parents and children check-in to pay their fees.

The Easter Bunny greeted the children to his egg hunt.

The children waited patiently for the Great Hunt to begin.

It's 1:00 and the Great Hunt begins!

The eggs were scattered over  a large area of Beechwood Park.

"Let's look for eggs over there."

Kids collected eggs while parents counted and checked their phones.

Most of the children loved he bunny, and some became very friendly and talked directly to him.

This boy welcomed the bunny to Troy.

"See how many eggs I've got?"

Eggs, eggs,eggs everywhere!

The bunny was very popular with parents as well as the children.

Many parents took photos of their children with the bunny.

"Over there, there're still some eggs left."

Some little kids were afraid of the bunny.

The Bunny oversees the egg collecting.

Are there more eggs to find?

The Bunny consults with some children on egg collecting techniques.

Everyone liked to pose with the bunny.

"Wow, you have a lot of eggs!"

The area of collection was very large, so there are stil plenty of eggs to collect.

The bunny makes a friend.

"The bunny's funny!"

"We found more eggs over here!"

"Mr. Bunny, are there any more eggs?"

"We found a lot more eggs!"

Wrapping things up.

The Bunny waved good-bye to all the kids!

See you next year at the 2019 Easter Egg Hunt!

Thanks to the Janke family for the photographic work and for organizing this event.