2015 Great Egg Hunt

The 2015 NHHA Egg Hunt was a great success.  Fifty-Six children signed up or showed up for the event. Gift bags ran short due to the large number of unregistered participants, but everyone had a great time.

The photos below have been reduced in resolution for uploading to this site.  If you would like a copy of the full resolution picture, send a request to nhha2009@aol.com giving the picture number or numbers.  The full resolution pictures will be emailed back to you.

(1). The Great Egg Hunt of 2015!

(2). The Ladies of the NHHA man the registration table

(3). "Give me five, bunny!"

(4). Everyone wanted to take a picture with the Bunny!

(5). "Heck, no, Bunny, I'm not scared!"

(6)."Hey, not too close, Bunny!

(7). Whole families took pictures with the Bunny.

(8). "Are we cute, or what?"

(9). Moms, kids and older kids took pictures with the Bunny!

(10).  Let the games begin! There was carrying eggs on a spoon . . .

(11). . . sack races . . .

(12). . . and, of course, the ever popular throw-a-beanbag-into-the-hole.

(13). "Great shot, little dude!"

(14). Finally, the egg hunt began.

(15). "Listen, if you go right and I go left, we'll get more eggs!"

(16). "Hey, Mom, I got two eggs!"

(17). "Excuse me, Mr. Bunny, but are there more eggs?"

(18). After the hunt, refreshments were served to all participants and parents.

(19). After a long hunt, the Bunny took a much needed rest.

See you next year at the 2016 Great Egg Hunt!