Art on the Lake - August 27, 2017

A view of Art on the Lake approaching from the west.

Once again, the Boy Scouts provided assistance in getting all guests parked, and on the way to the exhibits.

Guests were quickly welcomed by this sign.

Over 100 booths from local artisans displayed their wares.

Booths were set up along the park's pathways.

Several booths provided food for purchase.

Entertainment was provided by Gilda's Singers. This group of singing cancer survivors was named after Gilda Radner, a Detroit native who was part of the original cast of Saturday Night Live. Who can forget "Roseanne Rosannadanna" or "Baba Wawa," two of her best known characters. Gilda passed away from ovarian cancer in 1989.

Many creatures waited patiently to be purchased and taken to a new home.

This view of the east side of the art show is close to the end (or beginning, depending on what direction you're facing.

As we leave, we can see cars at the north end also leaving.

See you next year, at the 2018 edition of Art on the Lake!