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2021 CANH Fishing Contest

The Registration Table Crew: l. to r.: Lillian Karamanian, Gary Neville, CANH Secretary Kathy Katz,

Seated: CANH President Carol Stark

"O.K., Dad, what next?"

"Oh, wait! I have another daughter!"

"Here I am, Mom!"

Family Fishing on the East Bank of the lake.

Mike Roberts manned the fish measuring station on the East Bank.

More East Bank fishermen

The geese that call Beechwood Lake home tend to cluster when there are a lot of people in the park.

Very Peaceful

John Groth, President of the Northfield Hills Homeowners Association, manned the West Bank measuring station.

Deena caught a whopper!

"Hey, check out this fish!"

A view of East Bank fishermen

Fishing off the bridge was popular.

A closeup of fishing off the bridge.

"Hey, take my picture too!"

The aeration fountain installed last year, worked perfectly throughout the contest.

A little fishing pole for a little girl.

Someone needs comforting from Mom.

So, who said I have to smile?

Greetings to/from East Bank fishermen.

Oh, don't take my photo. I'm just watching my kids.

Nathan fished, relaxed and had a good time.

Here's beauty.  The white beast is tied to a chair.

"That's a great looking rod."


"What did you catch?"

"Nothing, so far."

"I caught this fish.  Isn't he big?"

Oh, my!  The Adoreableness meter registered off scale on this shot.

Carol Stark, CANH President, presented the award for the most fish caught to Gabe Krajewski who caught 22 fish.

Zoe Kolz, with a catch of 4 inches, won the prize for the smallest fish caught.

Tom Oldham won the prize for biggest fish caught at 24 inches.

Faelin Scott won the prize for the second biggest fish caught at 22 inches.

Deena Yas won the prize for the third largest fist caught at 17-1/2 inches.

All the prize winners with their certificates.  They also won cash awards

Tom Oldham proudly shows his certificate as the first place winner.

After lunch was served, all the participating children gathered for a group photo.

Hope to see you all return for the 2022 Fishing Contest!


The CANH Board of Directors gives thanks to the Condo Association grounds crew who put up and took down the tables, chairs and tents, to Carrie Roberts and Connie Kohn who set up the luncheon, to the DMF Bait Co. of Waterford who donated the bait for all the contest participants, to Steve Moss who supervised many activities, and to Bob Salloum, John Groth and Kathy Katz for the photographic work.

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