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2019 CANH Fishing Contest

The 2019 version of the CANH Fishing Contest took place on Aug. 3rd. Of the 28 children who signed up for the 2019 Fishing Contest, 24 showed up. Fishing followed by a luncheon of pizza, salad and a variety of sweets in the clubhouse was enjoyed by all.

Contest Winners!

Largest Fish caught - 12-5/8 inches by Oscar Harvey

Second Largest fish caught - 10-3/4 inches by Gabe Krajewski

Third Largest fish caught - 10-1/2 inches by Tasha Harvey

Most fish caught - 14 by Lexi Kerekes

Smallest Fish caught 4-1/4 inches - tie by Kayla Chin and Oscar Stuart

The CANH Board of Directors congratulates all the winners and thanks them and all our participants for a memorable contest

  On behalf of the CANH, Director Kathy Katz hands out the prizes. All winners received a small token of thanks as well as a cash prize.

Everyone says Goodbye!


  The CANH Board of Directors would like to thank the DMF Bait Company of Waterford, MI for their generous donation of bait for the contest; the grounds crew of the Condo Association for setting up and taking down of the tents and tables; Connie Kohn and Carrie Roberts for the set-up of the luncheon; Joe McKay for his supervision of the activities; and Bob Salloum for the photographic work.

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