2017 CANH Fishing Contest

On July 8th, 31 children from the Community Association of Northfield Hills came to Beechwood Lake to participate in the 9th Annual CANH Fishing Contest.  The contest was followed by a lunch of pizza, salad and assorted desserts in he Condo Clubhouse.  While this was a relatively small crowd, everyone enjoyed themselves.

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The ladies of the CANH, led by Director Kathy Katz and Diana McKay, registered the participants 

as well as measured caught fish.  With appropriate hand protection, of course.

  Participant Ryan Groth prepares for the contest.

Participant Nathan  Walsh has one of his catches measured.

Elle MacLean prepares to cast her first line.  Good luck Elle!

  Parents helped the kids with baiting hooks.  Many fished near the bridge, with great success.

  Joe McKay and granddaughters enjoyed the serenity on the East bank of Beechwood Lake.

  Relaxing and fishing on the East Bank.

  Lucas Kolcz has a fish measured. Lucas tied for most fish caught as well as largest fish caught,

  Some of the contestants on the West bank of Beechwood Lake.

  A little contestant getting help from Pop!

  Gabe Krajewski shows one of his bigger catches.

The Canadian Geese which use Beechwood Lake as a habitat, all crowded onto this small peninsula,

undoubtedly because they're not used to sharing the lake with so many people.

  Christian Markley tests his skills as a fisherman.

 The Janke family rests in the shade while the kids do the fishing.  Jeff Janke (center)

 is currently the Vice President of the Northfield Hills Homeowners Association.

  One of the younger contestants tests his luck.

  A grandfather assists his grandchildren with baiting hooks.

  Jacob Johnson has one of his fish measured.

  A view of the West bank.

  A view of the East Bank.

  Pranav has a fish measured.

  "Hey, did you see my Mom?  She's lost."

  After the contest, participants and their parents were invited to a luncheon of salad, pizza and various sweets in the Condo Clubhouse.

John Groth, Director of the CANH,  presents the award for largest fish caught to Gabe Krajewski

  John Groth gives the award for second largest fish caught to Pranav.

John Groth presents the award for the most fish caught (17) to Nathan Walsh.

John Groth presents the award for the 3rd largest fish caught.


The prize for smallest fish caught went to Elle MacLean.  Her picture is shown above



The CANH Board of Directors would like to thank the DMF Bait Company for their generous donation of bait for the contest; the grounds crew of the Condo Association for setting help and taking down of the tents and tables; Connie Kohn and Carrie Roberts for the set-up of the luncheon; Joe McKay for his supervision of the activities; and Bob Salloum for the photographic work.