2017 Egg Hunt

This year's Easter Egg Hunt took place on April 15th.  More than 40 children attended the event which was hosted by the Easter Bunny.  We can hardly wait for the Bunny's appearance next year!  Below, parents signed in for their children

Refreshments were served

The bunny helped some kids with their egg-carrying skills

The egg carry game was very popular

Even the little guys participated!

"Pay attention, this is how you do it!"

Sack races are always fun!

Even babies came to enjoy the egg hunt!

Throw a bean sack through the hole. Very popular.

"Hey, Mr. Bunny, where do you live when it's not Easter?" 

The great Egg Hunt of 2017 begins!

Everyone scurried around and picked up plastic eggs.

There were plenty of eggs to go around.

Check out the boy in the green shirt - he has a lot of eggs!

Almost done

Counting eggs and candy!

"Hey Mom, look at me!"

All cleaned up, ready to go.

The bunny promised to be back next year

See you next year at the 2018 Egg Hunt!

Thanks to Jeff and Kathy Janke for organizing this event

Photography by the Janke family