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Homeowners  Association
Annual meeting
Oct. 12,2023 
Northfield Hills clubhouse
11750 Brentwood Dr. Troy, Mi 48098


If you live in Chelsea Village I, II, Forest View Village Subdivision, or Northfield Hills Subdivision 1 (Bayside street) in Troy, MI, you belong to the Northfield Hills Homeowners Association. Membership is not optional.

Dues are collected in April of each year by our agent, J.P. Carroll, Inc. You will billed by mail. Dues fluctuate from year to year according to needs. Most of the money collected is used to maintain the common ground, Beechwood Park which is located at the northeast corner of Coolidge and Long Lake Rds and is the common ground for both the Northfield Hills Homeowners Association and the Northfield Hills Condominium Association.

Swimming or boating in Beechwood Lake is not permitted. If the lake is frozen in the winter months, do not venture out onto the ice surface.

There is flowing water underneath and safe ice can become very unsafe very quickly. 

 The lake is part of the main tributary of the River Rouge.

Our Association meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the month in January, April, July, and October at 7:00pm. Places to be determined ..The next meeting will be The annual meeting on Oct 12, 2023, at the Northfield Hills clubhouse, 1750 Brentwood Dr. Troy, MI 48098

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