Troy Sign Ordinance

The Troy Sign Ordinance allows all types of temporary signs on private property. These include signs for homes for sale or rent, vacant land for sale, garage sales, estate or yard sales, buildings under construction, political, holiday, as well as other seasonal signs.

  1. Size of Temporary Signs: The maximum size of an individual temporary signs must not exceed 6 sq. ft. in area (measured on one side). The total aggregate area of all temporary signs on any one site must not exceed 14 sq. ft. Temporary signs must not be higher than 42 inches above the ground.
  2. The signs must be placed on private property, with the property owner's permission.
  3. Placement is never allowed in the public street right of way (City property). In most cases this means the signs must be located behind the sidewalk. In areas where there is no sidewalk, signs cannot be located closer than 20 feet from the edge of the traveled portion of the roadway.
  4. Signs can never be attached to a streetlight, street sign, fire hydrant or telephone pole.
  5. Signs that are placed in the public right-of-way (City property) will be removed by the City, and stored for a 48-hour period. If you wish to retrieve a sign from storage that has been removed, you must first pay the $50 administrative fee for each sign. Signs not retrieved within 48 hours will be destroyed.
  6. The entire text of the Troy Sign Ordinance can be obtained from Chapter 85 of the City Code. Please call the Building Department at 248-524-3344 if you have any questions.