2014 Santa Breakfast

The annual NHHA Santa Breakfast took place on Dec. 6, 2014.  There were 16 children in attendance with 24 adults and Santa Claus.  Special thanks to Judy Kosar who chaired the event.

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(1). Everyone enjoyed a breakfast of bagels, cheese, croissants, rolls, orange juice, coffee and tea.

(2) Anxiously waiting for the arrival of Santa!

(3). Children had pictures to color.

(4). Parents waited patiently

(5). Some parents waited quizzically

(6). Others waited and ate

(7). Finally!  Santa arrived and read a story to the children

(8). Some kids had a private audience with Santa

(9).  Everyone wanted a picture taken with Santa

(10). Even big girls

(11) and big boys

(12). and brothers and sisters

(13). and parents with small children

(14). Even babies wanted to be near Santa!

(15). The older boys waited for Santa

(16). Sometimes little girls waited too!

(17). The older girls waited too

(18). An Angels fan snuck in

(19). and so did a tiny angel

(20).  Back to big girls!

(21). and medium sized boys

(22).  Some wore red sweaters

(23). Some wore striped sweaters

(24). Some brothers wore red and striped sweaters!

(25). "I'm glad that's over, Santa!" - Judy Kosar

See you next year at the 2016 Santa Breakfast!