2014 CANH Fishing Contest
The ladies of CANH man the registration table


Alex Korb and his Uncle pick a nice, shady spot.

Fishermen lined the banks of the lake.

"Hey, Dad, did you bait my hook?"

A comfortable spot for fishing.

"I can see 'em!"

Some fished from the shore, others fished from golf carts.

Registration went quickly.

Christian Markley with his Mom.  Christian tied for first place in the fishing contest.

Jeff and Kathy Janke.  Jeff is past President and currently NHHA Vice-President

The registration table was also used as a measuring station.

"We caught plenty of fish - all small!"

Ryan Groth caught a fish!

Measuring fish

"I'll get that FISH!"


Participants waiting in the dining area while lunch was being prepared.


Alex and his Uncle with John and Ryan Groth


Patiently waiting for lunch.


Preparing the food


Participants enjoyed pizza, soft drinks, as well as cookies, fudge and other sweets.


L to R. Julia Polet, tied for first place, Judy Kosar CANH President, and Theresa Carrier, third place winner.  The other first place winner, Christian Markley, was not available for a group photo. Judy presented the cash prizes.

Photography by Bob Salloum and Judy Kosar

See you next year at the 2015 CANH fishing contest!