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2014 Easter Egg Hunt

(1).  The Easter Bunny arrives at the hunt site accompanied by Mrs. Bunny.

(2). Everyone wanted to have a picture taken with the Easter Bunny!










(12) So, Okay, let's get this show on the road!

(13).  The whistle blew and the Great Egg Hunt is on!


(15). After the hunt and refreshments, the Bunny challenged the kids to sack races!

(16). Of course, the girls won easily

(17).  The Bunny kept racing. If only he hadn't fallen, surely he would have won!

(18). There was also a bean bag throwing game


(20).  Okay, Mom, I got this figured out!

(21).  There! Got it!

(22). There was also the ever popular, "carry an egg in a spoon" game

(23) Attendace was very good - about 30 children and twice that many adults


(25) Hey, Bunny, give me 5!

(26) Me, Too!


The NHHA Board thanks all the participants and volunteers for making this the best Egg Hunt ever! See you next year at the 2015 Egg Hunt!

(For lost items see the "Lost and Found" page.)