2010 Egg Hunt



                         Children and parents sign in for the Great Egg Hunt!

                           Checking-in took place right up to start time.

                         The kids prepare for the start of the hunt.

                            35 children were signed up for this event.  36 showed up!

                         Everyone waited patiently for the starting whistle.

                      A warm spring day, a beautiful park, and an egg hunt!

              Bags of candy, toys and books awaited egg hunt finishers.

                          Stuffed bunnies wait to be adopted.

                       Some kids waited patiently for the Hunt to begin.

                        Other kids waited with their parents.

                    While some made sure their wagons were safe.

                         And some just watched over little sisters.

                          The whistle is blown - the Great Egg Hunt begins!

                          Some kids had their parents take pictures.

                  Other kids had their big brothers take pictures.

                        These eggs are mine!

After collecting 10 eggs, the children received a bag of candy and stuffed bunny.

                                                                  More Candy!

                                            Want to see all the stuff I got?

                               Let's count our candy, little bro!

                  NHHA President Jeff Janke passes out the last of the candy.

See you next year at the 2011 Great Egg Hunt!